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Why Stress is Good For You (Video Blog)

Why stress is good for you - social anxiety

This may seem like nonsense, but actually one of the best ways to cope with stress is to allow your self to feel a little bit of it, and to take on moderate and realistic challenges.

In doing so we inoculate our body and our brain to stress.

A lot of people who struggle with social anxiety, social phobia and shyness tend to avoid stress in the hope that this will help, but actually the opposite is true.

This great little video from the Scientific American “Instant egghead” series explains why and how moderate stress helps. I’d definitely recommend taking a look.

Regards, Kyle

  • Everything in moderation I say. Chronic anxiety sufferers would say that “shutting up” the Amygdala isn’t quite as simple as taking action against a current stressor. Even while taking action, anxiety sufferers may have intensifying feelings of nervousness when it comes to things like fear of failure or anticipatory anxiety.

    That said, I know better than to argue with an Egghead 🙂 Nice video.

    • I agree Jason, any summary makes it sound easy and we both know it isn’t. But I’ve always found anything that helps people do the necessary hard work of learning how to manage anxiety is useful. I especially like a bit of science!

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