Overcoming Social Anxiety

‘Have you tried, maybe, not worrying?’

a short film that 
captures a young woman’s struggle with anxiety.

“This year figures from the New Zealand Mental Health Survey show that one in four New Zealanders will experience an anxiety disorder at some point in their lives.” www.talkingtherapy.co.nz

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We are seeking your financial support towards funding a NZ Short Film, that will enter into production in December 2015.

‘Have you tried, maybe, not worrying?’ is a raw & refreshing story that follows a young woman in her early twenties over a 48 hour period; and into the reality of her battle with anxiety. It’s a snapshot into her world; into the inconsistent nature of the disorder. Our main character is kind, quirky, fun & adventurous, and the film itself is beautiful, spontaneous, and vibrant; as well as capturing how debilitating the illness is; when it presents itself. The film captures the picturesque New Zealand and key friendships are revealed which drive the story into unchartered waters. It’s a fresh take on a prevalent issue in Aotearoa.

The Situation

I feel there is a certain stigma surrounding mental health/mental illness. Until I battled with anxiety myself, I didn’t know anyone who had struggled with an anxiety disorder, and hadn’t heard a thing on it. There isn’t enough talk, community involvement and awareness of anxiety as a very real and debilitating disorder. I’m incredibly passionate about this project, and this topic as a whole. As someone who has come through the other end, I’m in awe of those who have battled with this, and have come to a place of healing and restoration. The shear strength this takes is something you simply cannot put into words. We need to speak out about this, provide support for those struggling, and those close to them.


After the film has completed, we plan to launch a website dedicated to the film and to the discussion of anxiety.
*The film will be free to watch, although you can choose to donate – to a charity of choice.
*There will be a section dedicated to people’s stories; these are self submitted.
*There will be helpful information and people to contact if you, or someone you know, is struggling with anxiety.

We also plan to create a package to be used in High Schools free of charge throughout NZ.

The package will be used in:

*Health classes.
*Year group meetings.

We will also hold a community event once the film is made to showcase the film, and invite all neighbouring health clinics & practitioners.

The goal

How will we know, as a team behind this film, whether we’ve made a with this film? When people feel free/confident/encouraged enough to share their story to help others struggling… this kind of success will transform countless lives.


If you feel drawn to this project, and passionate about the difference this film/message will make in our community and within wider Aotearoa, please contact Rachel on:
021 1609 551

If you have any further questions on how to donate, or how to get invloved, please don’t hesitate to ask.
We look forward to hearing from you.

>> Download More Information Here (pdf)

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