Overcoming Social Anxiety

Anyone who suffers from social anxiety, social phobia or shyness are frustrated by the exact same problem:


  • BUT I can’t afford the ongoing cost of going to see a therapist
  • BUT I’ve had so much conflicting advice from so many different people that I don’t know who to trust?
  • BUT I’m not sure which online program, if any, is worth investing time and effort into?
  • BUT I’m scared of trying anything new as I’ve been burnt before
  • BUT I am not sure if anyone or anything can actually help me?

Here’s the thing:

These problems have always existed. Seeing a therapist has always been expensive. Everyone seems to be an expert. There’s plenty of people pushing e-books, self-help books and programs, and anyone can profess to be a ‘social anxiety guru’ on the internet.

It’s Time to Start Taking Proactive Steps to Overcome Your Social Anxiety

When? Now. How? Well, that’s where I can help you…


Kyle Macdonald - Psychotherapist, Overcoming Social Anxiety and Shyness

I’m a Kyle MacDonald – a registered Psychotherapist with over 15 years clinical experience helping people manage social anxiety. I’m here to help.

I’m trained in both behavioral and psychodynamic therapies, including Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and I have a particular interest in helping clients to overcome social anxiety and past traumas.



My Program is Unique

My program brings together elements of ALL the proven therapies for Social Anxiety, combined with over 15 years clinical experience, to bring you a product that is unlike any other you will find online.

There are plenty of other self help sites, who simply repackage Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (or “CBT”) and put it online. Sure there’s research that shows that’s effective, but there’s also research that shows it isn’t, and other studies that show the effects “erode” over time.

I Will Take You Through A Step by Step Program, At Your Own Pace

My program is modular, and you can work through each of them at your own pace. There’s no pressure, and you can do them in any order you wish. Every module has a supporting video from me, in my actual therapy room, guiding you through the module and supporting materials.

My Program WILL Make a Difference

How do I know that? Because everything included in the online program is the same as what I have successfully used with clients as part of their therapy.

In fact, one of the main drivers for developing the online program was to enable me to try and help more people in the world who are needlessly suffering every day. I want to be able to reach out and help more people all over the world with the skills and experience gained over the past 15+ years.

But To Achieve Results, We Need To Get Real

There’s no magic pill you can take to suddenly overcome your social anxiety or shyness. You can’t just read a book and then ‘bingo’, you are healed.

But there ARE therapies, processes, skills and practices that WILL enable you to proactively take steps towards reducing your current level of social anxiety or shyness. And any improvement has got to be better than what’s happening in your life right now right? Otherwise you would not be on my website looking for answers, support and a bit of help.



Mindfulness Module – A sneak preview from behind the scenes and in my program!


Social Anxiety and Shyness Online Therapy ProgramSocial Anxiety and Shyness Online Therapy ProgramSocial Anxiety Webinar Signup

My Social Anxiety Program teaches you:

  • 4 sets of skills and exercises for successfully managing your social anxiety
  • How to focus on skills for your Mind, Body, Behaviour and Relationships
  • 20 individual sessions that you can work through at your own pace
  • Practical tasks that can be incorporated into your daily routines
  • 5 interactive sessions on learning the fundamental skills of mindfulness
  • 7 days of effective mindfulness exercises
  • Learn behaviours that enable you to live with and overcome anxiety in social situations
  • Tried and true techniques from over 15 years clinical experience
  • How to develop your own personalised treatment plan and work towards achieving specific goals in your life

The program also includes the following:

  • Access to online group sessions with me as your therapist where you can discuss your treatment in a safe and anonymous environment
  • Ongoing access to premium video podcasts
  • A constantly evolving and updated program guaranteed to reflect the latest clinical advancements in the treatment of social anxiety
  • Customized video and audio tracks
  • Customized workbooks for you to work through at your own pace


Take The First Step Towards Your New Life Today

For the cost of less than 2 therapy sessions, you can have access to my entire program.

That’s 20+ videos, 20+ workbooks, 10+ audio files and access to ongoing anonymous group therapy sessions and new content.

If you soak up everything and don’t want to stick around for online group therapy sessions or new content, then you can request a refund within 60 days if are not satisfied for any reason. That’s right, you can cancel and get your money back. Guaranteed, no questions asked.

No matter what happens, you can cancel within 60 days. 

And – to be 100% clear – membership to my program is not a big investment, especially when you consider EVERYTHING you’re going to get.

If you think about for a second – how much does it cost to see a therapist in person? $150 an hour? More? For less than 2 therapy sessions you’ll not only get access to my entire program, BUT if you stick around, you’ll get full, unlimited access to the group therapy sessions and new content that’s continuously being added.


I’m Making This Affordable

Because I want to keep it affordable for you, I’m offering my program for only $297 US

That’s less than 2 therapy sessions!



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Kyle Macdonald - Psychotherapist, Overcoming Social Anxiety and Shyness“If I didn’t believe in my Social Anxiety Program completely, I wouldn’t put my name on it.”

– Kyle MacDonald




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