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What is the volume knob problem?  Well it’s a way I think about the fact that some people experience their emotions more intensely than others.  This is what the psychologists call “emotional dysregulation” or problems regulating emotions. All sorts of things can cause it.  Some people are born more sensitive to their emotions.  Upbringing also [read more…]

Fear makes us run away. Which is a good thing. Anxiety also makes us run away, and is largely not a good thing … but why? As I’ve said before anxiety is fear, in the absence of an actual threat (see: What is Anxiety).  Now generally all emotions motivate behaviour, it’s what they do.  The [read more…]

Symptoms of Anxiety

Anxiety is simply defined as fear in the absence of anything to be afraid of, but how do we understand that? Firstly, let’s take a look at what fear is… All emotions have a reason for existing and generally that is to quickly and efficiently motivate the behaviour.  Fear specifically operates like the body and [read more…]

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