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Over the past year, this blog has dealt with a wide range of topics concerning Social Anxiety: from coping with social anxiety at work to combating stage fright, and from the science behind how our brains work to the puppets on Sesame Street. There have been ways to help understand the symptoms of Social Anxiety [read more…]

International Award Winner Overcoming Social Anxiety Blog

As the year comes to an end, it’s time to take stock of how far we’ve come in the past 12 months, so it was wonderful to hear from psychotherapy website this week that has been awarded the Best of the Web Blog Award for our work over 2014! This is no small [read more…]

Someone once said to me that moods are the seasons and emotions are the weather.  You can have a sunny day in winter, but it’s still winter.  And it’s important to know the difference, because everyone has bad days, but if overall your mood is low, that may require some more attention and help. Some [read more…]

The amygdalae are groups of nuclei in the temporal lobes of our brain which play a crucial role in processing decisions and emotions and consolidating memories. It is well known that the left and right hemispheres of the brain control different cognitive and motor functions, and likewise, amygdalae perform different tasks depending on the hemisphere [read more…]

Control and Social Phobia How to Let Go

‘Locus of Control’ is a term you may not be familiar with, even if you have social anxiety. Yet, it is one of the core principles that explain the root of social phobia. Although it is a psychological concept, it is actually quite a simple one. Overall, people believe that either they have control over [read more…]


If you have been diagnosed with Social Anxiety Disorder (commonly referred to as SAD), you may have decided to handle it, at some point or another, by avoiding the cause of your phobia: people. Giving up on the prospect of forming a meaningful relationship, declining invitations to parties, shying away from friendships, all this, and [read more…]


You might think that the answer to this question is obvious: in the first case, you make a decision, in the second, you don’t. But how about decisions that aren’t really decisions and are actually avoidance strategies; how about when not making a decision becomes a decision? Could you tell the difference then? Decision-making is [read more…]


We may not always be aware of it, but we go about our daily lives against a background of running commentary. Some of it is practical and useful like “I’ve got to post that letter on the way home”, but being social animals, a lot of it is dedicated to interpreting interactions with other people [read more…]

Social Media Auckland - Social Media, Sex and Online Dating

A couple of weeks ago I was recently really pleased to be part of a panel for the Social Media Club (#SMCAKL), here in my home city of Auckland, New Zealand. The panel consisted of Louise Campagnone, General Manager of Find Someone (New Zealand’s largest and longest running online dating website), Trak Gray, Digital Social [read more…]

Mindfulness to Observe Others and Reduce Your Social Anxiety

A life-limiting disorder, social anxiety is characterized by “hyperfocus”. What this means is that if you have social anxiety, then you genuinely feel that “everybody” notices your nervousness and symptoms, and that you are being judged by them for it. Do you ever feel this way? If you do, then it’s also highly likely that [read more…]

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