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Stagefright and Social Anxiety Disorder

It’s traditional to start blogs on performance anxiety by running out a list of famous names of people who suffered from stage fright. And, sure, the fact that Adele, Barbara Streisand, Andrea Bocelli, Kim Basinger, Rod Stewart, Donny Osmond and Lawrence Olivier all managed to rake in the big bucks and forge careers in the [read more…]

Kindness Helping Social Anxiety

We’re constantly bombarded with reasons why our dog-eat-dog world requires us to be more driven, more selfish and more competitive if we want to succeed. And, conversely, shy people or those with social anxiety are therefore less likely to get ahead in business or do well in school. But researchers in Canada have been working [read more…]


“Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness” … so what exactly does the Declaration of Independence mean by happiness? And why’s it so vital that it’s right up there next to freedom and, well, being? When Thomas Jefferson gathered those gentlemen together in Philadelphia in 1775 and decided that the United States was to be [read more…]


The other day I opened my emails and received the email below from Nicole at, congratulating me for being voted by their panel as one of the Best Anxiety Blogs for 2015: While I certainly don’t set out to win any awards, it’s very humbling to receive this sort of recognition! So I’d like to thank [read more…]

Serotonin and Social Phobia

A lot of the treatments for anxiety and depression have sought to raise levels of serotonin – the chemical in the brain linked mostly to happiness and relaxation. Because of that, research has tended towards finding physical ways to reverse low levels of the neurotransmitter such as antidepressant medications called SSRIs, diet (everything from bananas [read more…]

Coping with social anxiety at college

Summer ought to be a time to relax, forget about schoolwork and kick back – but for many people living with social anxiety (perhaps like yourself) – then the sun, sea and sand simply aren’t enough to blot out the fear of going to college or university in the fall. College is a tough environment [read more…]

Social Anxiety and Diet

Are we really what we eat? Well, yes and no – certainly the chemical reactions involved in eating and digesting our daily meals fuel us and have a manifest impact on the way we feel, but it’s also very important to be mindful that just because we’ve popped out for a burger rather than whipping [read more…]

Virtual Reality Treatment for Social Anxiety

Because the basis of the continuation of social anxiety is avoidance, most treatments include confronting the triggers for those anxieties or phobias (some of you reading this will know just what I am talking about here). The issue for therapists (me included) then becomes finding a method for helping people with social anxiety into situations [read more…]


One of the most basic instincts when confronted by triggers for your social anxiety, is the desire to become invisible. Have to talk in front of a large group of people? You wish they couldn’t see you. Have to walk down a busy street to get to the office? You wish you could weave your [read more…]

Nutters Club Award Winners 2015

A few weeks ago The Nutters Club won The New Zealand Radio Awards for “The Best Daily/Weekly Series” ! For those of you who are not aware, The Nutters Club was founded on 8 August 2009 by Mike King and his fellow Nutters with the aim “to forever change the way people, feel, think, talk [read more…]

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